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HI Power Laser Therapy

Laser Means Light amplification from stimulated emission of radiation.
Laser is created by the specific process within the laser device to cause controlled emission of radiation in form of lights.
Laser is used in physiotherapy for the relief of pain, to accelerate healing, and decreased inflammation.
There are Cold lasers[low-level laser therapy] .this is a class 3 Laser.
There are Hot lasers[High power laser therapy] .this is a class 4 Laser.
Both of these lasers are available in our synergy physiotherapy to get a better outcome of pain relief.
High-power laser therapy can beat conditions, such as
  1. Osteoarthritis of knee, hip, and ankle.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Shoulder Impingement Syndromes
  4. Hip or shoulder bursitis
  5. Low back disc degeneration
  6. Disc Herniation
  7. Sciatica
  8. Tendonitis
  9. Tennis Elbow
  10. Plantar fascitis
  11. Sprain
  12. Tenosynovitis
  13. Trigger Finger
  14. ulcer
  15. Insicion wounds
  16. Neuropathic Pain
  17. Diabetic Neuropathy.

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Really very excellent physiotherapy center. And they will take care well and treatment way is good ... My knee pain was completely reduced very well good concern doctor and Neha treated well she did a good job and she very cares and concerned person, Due to my overall experience synergy physiotherapy center is very good and treatment is good and all are done a good job and in a good manner.

Shalini Rakesh Ramamurthy Nagar Main Road

My mother Vijayalakshmi, has a spine issue and was advised by a doctor for physiotherapy. Since this clinic was near to my home v chose this reluctantly. But the treatment given here is very good. Not many people know it because it’s not on the main road. My mom after a couple of weeks of physiotherapy is feeling better now. The person by the name of Surya Suresh was very professional and gave a very good treatment.

Arun S Ramamurthy Nagar Main Road

I had some kind of inflammation/swelling on my elbow due to various reasons like muscle weakness, might be wrong or heavy workout & muscle have tightened even unable to make hand straight, I have tried to get resolve from some different treatments but no luck, finally I have visited Synergy Physiotherapy TC Palya Main Road branch/Ramamurthy Nagar as per my friend suggestion for getting hospitality.

Raja Palanivel T.C Palya Main Road

This is my first time experience of my life getting the physiotherapy for my right hand and shoulder for muscle pain. I consider this as more passionate in their works. each one of them love doing their job very humanly. bless them all with lots of love.

Venkateswara Rao S T.C Palya Main Road

Knowledgeable and helpful staff right treatment am recovered within the suggested time of treatment feeling good even I went today for a question I got a very concerned response from Dr. Illa and thanks Kala the physiotherapist for your attention which helped my recovery.

Rajesh R T.C Palya Main Road

Had back pain. Had 10 days of physiotherapy here. Very caring. The professional approach by each of the physiotherapists during the treatment. The good environment inside the clinic. Equipment r in very good condition. Overall satisfied with the treatment.

Megha K Pai Layout Main Road

We visited Synergy at Pai Layout last week for shoulder pain. With an amazing treatment including exercises for 10 days, the pain subsided, and feeling much more relaxed now. We really saw the expertise of Dr. Rasika in each step of the treatments and we also felt comfortable interacting with them throughout the treatment days.

Manoj Mathew Pai Layout Main Road

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