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Sports Injury FAQ’s

Q1 I have torn my ACL. When Should I return to field?
By using the knee brace and with physical therapy sessions and rehabilitation you can return to field in 4weeks

Q2 I got ankle sprain. Can I play football?
Yes with the help of Ankle splints and taping you can play the match.

Q3 I got hamstring injury while playing. Can I play?
Yes but after proper Treatment and Eccentric training of hamstring

Q4 I injured my back while playing golf? Can I play again?
Yes proper exercises and taping can do wonders to your back

Q5 I have agility problem. What can be done for it?
Agility can be improved by practising movements patterns in training and Plyometrics practised at Phyworld

Q6 My balance is very poor. Is there any treatment
Yes balance training can help you improve your coordination and performance while reducing your risk of injury.

Q7 I have tennis elbow? What should I do?
Icing, brace, taping and a set of comprehensive exercises will definite help you.

Disclaimer: – Says that exercises and consultation on this blog are patients specific. Please don’t practise this without consulting our physiotherapist

Weight Loss and Diet FAQ’s

Q1. How much weight should I lose?
Know your body composition analysis (BCA) & take excellent fast track weight loss program

Q2. What are the natural tips for water retention?
Natural fibres are available in the market for reducing water retention, our experts will advice you.

Q3 I can’t exercise can I lose weight?
Yes with proper diet tips you can lose weight, and gentle physiotherapy technique.

Q4 What is the easiest way to lose weight?
Reducing added sugar is one of the quickest ways to clean up your diet and lose weight, AGAVA or stevia plant is good natural sugar
Plyometrics twice a week is another quick tip
I-Lipo US FDA approved helps you lose 3-5 cms a session

Q5. I am a girl I don’t lose from arms?
Weight traning can make you biceps bulker and soft tissues retain water. Physiotherapy exercises for scapular control will help.

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